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icoNYC poster – together with Alfalfa Studio New York New York, 2012

During my internship at Alfalfa Studio in Manhattan, New York City I drew hundreds of icons for this ‘IcoNYC’ poster. The moment I left New York for Amsterdam the poster was still black and white and there wasn’t any typography in it. The designers that came and work in the studio after me picked the project up and made it into this great vivid color explosion that it is right now. I am proud of us! Also, after I left, the Alfalfa team made a great animation movie out of the poster.



And as if this all wasn’t nice enough, behind my back a website called “New York is my Muse” had been made around the poster as well. Go Alfalfa! Here you can have virtual city tours along the favorite places and city secrets of several top designers. So for the non-New Yorkers: when you go visit the city, go ahead and explore this site first.

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