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Tijdens mijn stage bij Alfalfa New York had ik het grote geluk mee te mogen werken aan een serie van zes affiches voor Amphibian Stage Productions in Fort Worth, Texas. Alfalfa is Amphibian Stage Productions’ vaste ontwerpbureau en dat jaar maakte ik deel uit van het team dat zijn volle grafische energie mocht gooien in het promotiemateriaal van zes nieuwe theaterstukken.

Herfst 2011 ontvingen we de scripts die we met het potlood in de hand begonnen te lezen. Erna gooiden we alle visuele associaties op een hoop. Een tafel vol papier met potloodkrabbels was het gevolg. We kozen de levensvatbaarste concepten die ik vervolgens in presentabele schetsen goot. Nog steeds met de hand. Voor elk stuk bleven er vijf of zes concepten overeind die we uiteindelijk aan de klant presenteerde. Voor elk stuk werd een schets gekozen. Aan de hand van deze tekeningen ontwierpen we in de computer de zes affiches. Zie hier de eindresultaten.

De zes affiches voor het nieuwe Amphibian Theatre seizoen.




Two Rooms | January 2012
“The playwright’s eye is penetrating… In [Two Rooms], Mr. Blessing reaffirms his authority with timely political questions.” – The New York Times


Uit het officiele Amphibian Productions persbericht:
“An American teacher is held hostage in a dark room after being captured in Beirut. His wife holds a vigil for him in an empty room in their house outside DC. Michael dictates unsent letters to his wife from his cell, while Lainie vies between Walker, a journalist intent to tell her story to the public, and Ellen, a State department official who wants to keep her quiet. First performed in 1988, Lee Blessing’s Two Rooms is as relevant as ever, navigating the worlds of politics, journalism, and terrorism, while examining the ties that bind people together and the forces that would tear them apart.”

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The King’s Face | March 2012
“Totally engaging… an absorbing and satisfying evening, with plenty to muse on. Real, living history.”
– Fringe Review


Uit het officiele Amphibian Productions persbericht:
“Based loosely on a true story, The King’s Face written and directed by Steven Young, is a detailed and lovingly crafted 90 minute historical drama about an incident in the life of Prince Harry of Monmouth. Prince Harry is on his death bed after being wounded by an arrow that has lodged itself into the base of his skull and his last chance of survival comes in the shape of Doctor John Bradmore. As the piece progresses and the relationship between the two characters grows, the audience will be taken into an emotional journey of friendship, struggles for power, greed, betrayal, loneliness, and what it means to be a king. We wish everyone witness this fine piece of theatre.”


Four more propased ideas for The Kings Face.

Mr. & Mrs. Fitch | April 2012
“A riotous deep dive into the shallow waters of gossip. Media-savvy urbanites will savor every crazy morsel.”
— Entertainment Weekly


Uit het officiële Amphibian Productions persbericht:
“Meet gossip columnists Mr. and Mrs. Fitch. When the social circuit no longer provides juicy morsels, and when the pressure to create news in our never-ending news cycle becomes just a bit much, it’s time to toss back the martinis, dish out the bon mots, and realize that great celebrity can just appear out of thin air. This wicked, urbane comedy is a scathing look at who is in, who is out, and who may not even exist at all.”

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The Understudy | August 2012
“Pulverizingly funny” — The Wall Street Journal


Uit het officiële Amphibian Productions persbericht:
“The star he’s working with doesn’t get the play. The disgruntled stage manager happens to be his bitter ex-fiancée. The set technician is high. Just another day in the life of an understudy. The most thankless job in theater takes center stage in Theresa Rebeck’s bitingly funny look at the underbelly of the acting world. Through the course of a dress rehearsal, we glimpse all the genius, bitterness and ridiculousness that underscore a life in showbiz.”

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Fiction | October 2012
“Take this as a fact. Fiction, a new play by Steven Dietz, is a work of uncommon insight – an adult, unsparing and yet often witty look at the intimate relationship between a man and a woman during a time of crisis.” – Associated Press 


Uit het officiële Amphibian Productions persbericht:
“Best-selling authors Michael and Linda Waterman treasure their honest marriage, until a harsh twist of fate compels them to read each other’s diaries. Between the lines, stretching deep into the past, a secret liaison with a mysterious stranger surfaces, forever altering married life’s delicate balance of fact and fiction.”

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The Ding Dongs or what’s the penalty in Portugal? | December 2012

The Ding Dongs

Uit het officiele Amphibian Productions persbericht:
“When a sweet-faced couple shows up on a suburban doorstep, an unsuspecting homeowner finds himself the victim of a surreal home invasion. Using wit and wordplay to mask a more sinister threat, the couple wages a battle over indigenous rights from the living room, and we are asked to examine the brutality that fuels our system of private property.”


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